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What is Mistic Glo?
We’ve all heard it so many times before, “If a wife could change one of her husband’s bad habits, it would be to put the toilet seat down after he’s done using the bathroom.” How many times have you walked into a bathroom at night after stumbling around in the dark, only to become rudely awakened, by falling in your toilet bowl? How many of you are scared, or have kids who are scared, of the deep dark toilet? And how many of you are tired of being awoken by blinding lights, because your partner had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night? How great would it be, if there were an easy way to change these dreadful bathroom experiences? What if we could show you how to make your midnight trips to the toilet, one not to dread? Well, guess what, your PAIN is OVER!! Introducing for the first time, the one and the only, patented, Mistic Glo!

Mistic Glo, is an environmentally friendly LED light, which was designed to illuminate your toilet bowl and help light your way, creating a more pleasurable and safe nighttime bathroom experience. Working with a sensor, Mistic Glo, helps create optimal usage upon entering your bathroom, allowing you to conserve energy and save money!

Mistic Glo Many Uses
Click here to see some other ways Mistic Glo can help light the way!

Mistic Glo Features
* Battery operated fiber optic LED light
* Functional and decorative
* 3-way on/off switch with built-in motion sensor
* Easy installation
* Guests can easily find their way to the bathroom.
* Children don’t have to be afraid of a dark toilet.
* Can be used anywhere you want to accent with a glo of color.
* Great for RVs
* Patent approved

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