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About Mistic Glo
After nearly ten years in the making, Mistic Glo is now available and ready to help make your nighttime bathroom experiences more enjoyable! However, this revolutionary light has been found to serve more than it’s original purpose! Not only used as your helping hand in the bathroom, Mistic Glo, has been found to work great in many other helpful areas. Mistic Glo, is great for lighting up your kitchen cabinets, RV closets, steps and toilets, any common storage areas such as your closets, garage, shed or workshop. Mistic Glo, is great for lighting up your motorcycle, golf cart, or RV storage compartments, even the trunk of your car! With Mistic Glo, you can light up your baby’s crib or changing table during those midnight checkups and changes. Mistic Glo, has also been used to substitute the harsh lighting in your refrigerator and freezer! Helping bring things to life, people are using Mistic Glo to brighten up their fountain or waterfall, which helps to create a more warm, relaxed ambiance! With Mistic Glo, your lighting opportunities are endless and the painful midnight trips to the bathroom are over!! Mistic Glo is here, and helping light the way!

Nightlight Bathroom

Toilet Light

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