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installing mistic glo

* 4 "AA" batteries (not included)
Note: For a more permanent installation of the clip under the rim, use PC-11 Marine Grade white epoxy paste, found at hardware stores.

Instructions for Installation:
1. Cut 1/2 inch off the end of the Velcro and apply it to the clip.
2. Raise the lid and the seat.
3. This is a custom light. The clip can be placed on the bottom of the seat or under the rim of the toilet (fig.#1). Be sure area is clean and dry.
4. Thread the light under the seat between the two bolts (fig.#2). Adhere the clip between the water outlets. Press firmly. Note: For a more permanent installation of the clip under the rim, use marine epoxy paste, found at hardware stores.
5. Put remaining Velcro on the back of the battery box. Place the battery box on the lower corner of the water tank (fig# 3). Position the motion sensor so that the light comes on to your discretion.

Light is waterproof if accidentally dropped in toilet bowl. Battery box is NOT water resistant. Note: The spring wire out of a christmas tree ornament works great for attaching the clip to the toilet. Slide the wire through the back hole of the clip. Pinch the two wires together and slide into a water outlet. It will spring open and hold the clip in place. Slide the fiber optic light into the clip

Instruction pic
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