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installing mistic glo
- We love MisticGlo, here at the Sunrise Nursing Home! It is wonderful for our assisted living community. MisticGlo keeps the bright lights down in the middle of the night, so everyone can rest easier and at the same time gives us enough glow so we can see where we are going. Absolutely a wonderful idea!

Whitney Hamilton
Sunrise Nursing Home
Bullhead City, Arizona

- We set up a MisticGlo display in our store and have sold so many units to our customers. Everyone who has purchased MisticGlo has had the most positive feedback and many have come back to purchase more! We also use MisticGlo in our restrooms. Because of this there is no need to leave the bathroom light on all day, which helps us to save money. Thank you MisticGlo!

Tim Hubbart
Arizona Performance Cycles

- My Grand Children spend the night with me occasionally, so I use MisticGlo in my toilets, which makes it much easier and safer for them to find the bathroom in the middle of the night and they are no longer afraid of using the toilet at Grandmother’s house. We love MisticGlo!

Janet Jackson
Denver, Colorado

- My Husband and I love not having to turn the bright bathroom lights on in the middle of the night anymore, just to use the toilet. And because there is no door blocking the harsh light between the bathroom and our bedroom, MisticGlo allows both of us to sleep more soundly throughout the night. We couldn’t be more thankful for MisticGlo!

- Kim Johnson
Bullhead City, Arizona

- Our family loves MisticGlo in our RV when we go camping. It’s always dark outside where we go camping and MisticGlo helps light up our RV steps, so no-one trips trying to walk outside. It’s also easier for us to find the RV toilet in the middle of the night. Way to go MisticGlo!

Cheryl Moore
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

- We love MisticGlo for our family and it’s great for entertaining our friends and family! We are confident that our houseguests will have no problem finding there way to the bathroom. MisticGlo has defiantly become a conversation piece among our friends and family. Everyone loves MisticGlo!

Las Vegas, Nevada

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