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installing mistic glo
If Light does not come on:

* Check that the batteries are installed properly.
* Check that switch on the battery box is ON.

If Velcro will not stick to tank:

* Make sure area is clean, dry and free from lint.
* Velcro can be reattached with a small bead of Super Glue Gel.

If the clip is to lose for the light, squeeze the clip together with a pair of pliars and it will tighten up.

Another method of adhering the clip: Use a spring wire from a christmas tree ornament (the top of the ornament that the hook attaches to). Squeeze the wires together and insert them through the back hole of the clip. Squeeze wires again and insert it into a water outlet under the rim of the toilet. The wire will spring open and hold the clip.

NOTE: All toilet models are different. For a more permanent installation of the clip under the rim, use marine epoxy paste, found at hardware stores.

For any other questions and concerns please contact us.

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